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<i>Amarcrinum howardii</i> <i>Hippeastrum</i> 'Hardy Sonatini MIX' <i>Lycoris chinensis</i> <i>Lycoris sanguinea</i>
Amarcrinum howardii Hippeastrum 'Hardy Sonatini MIX' Lycoris chinensis Lycoris sanguinea

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When in doubt about bulb adaptability to your region, know your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone.

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Lycoris, Zephyranthes,
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 Lycoris (Amaryllidaceae) Common Name(s):  Spider Lily, Surprise Lily, Hurricane Lily, Resurrection Lily, Magic Lily, Naked Ladies
    This genus does NOT get the attention it deserves. How would you like to grow a bulb you just cannot kill, that has very striking flower features, and that blooms in late summer to early autumn? This is the one!

    Don't make the mistake of planting these deeply, and don't expect a bloom the first year or even two. After that, enjoy the no maintenance appeal and astounding beauty of Lycoris.

Zonal Range: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 
Lycoris 'Plot J'
image of Lycoris  'Plot J'
    Sold to me as L. houdyshelii, though having similar flower color, it does not have the regal stature of the species. The winter foliage looks like L. radiata foliage, and it is a very prolific divider and bloomer, also sterile like the true species. I have been very pleased with this variety's performance. Ht. 24 inches. Hardy in zones 7, 8, 9, 10. Learn MORE...
Catalog Number: N07-440  —  Size:  
BR-FS  —  $ 12.95 per 1 bulb(s)  

 Zephyranthes (Amaryllidaceae) Common Name(s):  Rain Lily, Zephyr Lily, Fairy Lily
    Now this is a genus, along with Habranthus, that is a must have for the southern gardener. Many species exist and many more varieties have been bred. As they are not a large plant, they are fantastic for border plantings. Many members of this genus are known for popping out flowers all through the summer after dry periods followed by thunder showers. Meanwhile, Z. candida can be treated like a bog plant.
Zonal Range: (6), 7, 8, 9, 10 
Zephyranthes candida
image of Zephyranthes candida
    These are great bulbs to have in the southern landscape. They are a unique rain lily in that they are very happy as a bog plant. In late summer they throw up solitary white blooms just a couple of days after much needed rain. Best experienced in groupings. Ht. 8-10 inches. Learn MORE...
Catalog Number: N07-700  —  Size:  
BR-FS  —  $ 6.45 per 6 bulb(s)  
BR-FS  —  $ 19.35 per 24 bulb(s)  

Zephyranthes drummondii
image of Zephyranthes drummondii
    Native to the hill country of Texas, this is a wonderful rain lily, having a substantial presence and beautiful fragrance in the evening. Ht. 12-16 inches. Hardy in zones (7), 8, 9, 10. Learn MORE...
Catalog Number: N07-710  —  Size:  
BR-FS  —  $ 9.95 per 1 bulb(s)  

Zephyranthes 'Aquaris'
image of Zephyranthes  'Aquaris'
    I believe I acquired this from a nursery in Texas. Beautiful flower. Ht. 10-12 inches. Hardy in zones (7), 8, 9, 10. Learn MORE...
Catalog Number: N07-730  —  Size:  
BR-FS  —  $ 3.95 per 1 bulb(s)  

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