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  • Nursery Flower Bulbs List -- Taking orders now for April delivery! This price list is available year-round (no shipping November thru March) and includes a number of Lycoris (spider, surprise, magic, hurricane, phoenix, & resurrection lillies) species, some hybrids, Rain Lilies (Habranthus & Zephyranthes), and miscellaneous specialty flowering bulbs, all grown at the Bulbmeister.COM Nursery here in Northwest Arkansas. When possible, these will be freshly dug or depotted and sent bare root in sphagnum moss to insure freshness, even when dormant.
  • eBay Sales Page -- Sales will resume in the Spring! Visit this page to get a quick reference of available flower bulb Nursery Items offered on eBay. Using eBay is a great choice when ordering only one item (in many cases), because shipping fees can be lower if the product is under one pound. It's also a more comfortable place for some people to shop.

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