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This price list is available for a short time only, scheduled to be closed before Thanksgiving, 2020.

Lycoris seeds are short-lived and cannot be stored for planting in future seasons. PLEASE PLANT IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. These seeds were harvested in late September through mid-October, and they are stored in plastic bags with moistened sphagnum moss. Each package will contain ten (10) seeds with moistened sphagnum peat moss. If you don't already have your own method for seeding this particular species, some basic instructions will accompany your purchase. You can review a PDF document HERE.

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SHIPPING FEE & SCHEDULE: Seeds will be shipped at a flat rate of $7.95, via USPS Priority mail service. Packages will begin shipping the week of October 25th, and continue through Thanksgiving.

When in doubt about bulb adaptability to your region, know your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone.

<i>Lycoris chinensis</i> SELECTION NO. 3

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Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 3

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This list contains 36 products.

This List Presently Includes the Following Gardening Products

Lycoris 'Flaming Dragon', Lycoris 'Kariwatashi', Lycoris 'September Lemon', Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 1, Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 2, Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 3, Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 4, Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 5, Lycoris chinensis SELECTION NO. 6, Lycoris chinensis SELECTIONS POOL, Lycoris Spring Foliage Crosses POPULATION NO. 03, Lycoris Spring Foliage Crosses POPULATION NO. 14, Lycoris Spring Foliage Crosses POPULATION NO. 20, Lycoris Spring Foliage Crosses SELECTION NO. 04-02, Lycoris Spring Foliage Crosses SELECTION NO. 22-01, Lycoris Spring Foliage Crosses SELECTION NO. 24-04, Lycoris haywardii, Lycoris longituba POPULATION, Lycoris longituba SELECTION NO. 1, Lycoris longituba SELECTION NO. 2, Lycoris longituba SELECTION NO. 3, Lycoris longituba SELECTION NO. 4, Lycoris longituba SELECTIONS POOL, Lycoris radiata 'Red China', Lycoris radiata var. pumila, Lycoris sprengeri POPULATION, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 1, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 3, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 8, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 9, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 10, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 11, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 12, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 13, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTION NO. 14, Lycoris sprengeri SELECTIONS POOL,

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