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Image of Lycoris chinensis  

Lycoris chinensis

      From the family, Amaryllidaceae, having common name(s) associated with the genus; Spider Lily, Surprise Lily, Hurricane Lily, Resurrection Lily, Magic Lily, Naked Ladies.
    One of the spring foliage Lycoris. A wonderful surprise of yellow flowers borne on 24-30 inch flower stalks in late summer to early autumn. A good choice for a hardy yellow Lycoris species. Ht. 24-30 inches. Hardy in zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

    Paying for three bulbs gets you FOUR!

    Temporarily unavailable to rebuild population.


Catalog Number: N07-320


BR-FS  —  $ 12.95 per 1 bulb(s)  
BR-FS  —  $ 38.85 per 4 bulb(s)  

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