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Image of Canna  'Hardy Purple'  

Canna 'Hardy Purple'

      From the family, Cannaceae, having common name(s) associated with the genus; Canna Lily.
    A rhizome, not a bulb. This was sold to me as Canna 'Tropicana', not to be mistaken with the trademarked, 'Tropicanna™'. Essentially, it's a dwarf, rich purple Canna with orange flowers. The leaves fade to dark green with purple highlights in summer. I am very happy to offer this plant, especially for those who live in zone 6, because it has proven to be COMPLETELY hardy by the following criteria, without protection in that zone. Without injury, it wintered with temperatures as cold as -15ºF (that's not a typo) with snow cover and 0ºF with bare ground. Ht. 36-48 inches. Hardy in zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

    This will be provided as a rhizome cutting with at least one plant or two eyes.

    Paying for three bulbs gets you FOUR!

    Temporarily Unavailable due to harsh winter damage.


Catalog Number: N07-130


BR-FS  —  $ 7.95 per 1 bulb(s)  
BR-FS  —  $ 23.85 per 4 bulb(s)  

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